Rules and Etiquette

At any swingers venue rules are paramount.

The Golden Rule of all: “NO means absolutely NO”

During any swinging moment when anyone says “NO”, regardless of any reason, no means to “STOP” all activities at once.

No explanations are needed to be given as it would be understood.

Just because you do not want to jeopardize your happiness and satisfaction with this lifestyle or that of your partner, buy doing something against your own will because you are frighten of saying “no” is something you must not do. The most polite way to say no is by saying, “No thank you, but appreciate you for asking”.

By doing so you are being honest to yourself and the person asking, plus you will also avoid any misunderstandings.

Your phone will stay in your pocket or bag. You are welcome to use your phone outside.


Our guests will not be intoxicated – no ones likes a drunk

Look and feel sexy. Take time to dress for the occasion

Grooming is essential and smell nice

We are better than a pub or a bar.