Swingers Party Review

Last Saturday we hosted our regular Saturday night swingers party at Infusions and we also welcomed guests from the Swinging Downunder pub crawl who joined us for their after pub crawl party. It was a great night with a fun crowd who enjoyed our venue lit up for a fun swinging glow party.

For the glow party we installed extra UV light strips on our main ceiling to achieve the full glow effect. C&D from Swinging Downunder supplied little tubes of glow body paint in red, orange and yellow.
Our regular party was well underway at 11pm when the pub crawl guests arrived at Infusions for the after party. After checking in their BYO drinks at the bar the pub crawlers joined our other patrons in our open social area to enjoy the party. The glow body paints were soon applied liberally as guests stripped off to sexy attire and enjoyed dancing to our party beats. Hand prints on all body parts were the most popular decoration and under the UV lights they looked pretty awesome.

Some guests chose to have some sexy fun in our three luxury playrooms, a few played in our cage, and others played pool or enjoyed socializing with other guests. Finger food and snacks were served and to keep the energy levels up and the party rocking.

We thank Swinging Downunder for joining us and giving many new guests the opportunity to check out our venue. If you joined us we hope you come back to enjoy our regular weekly parties.

You can check out the Swinging Downunder podcast at www.swingingdownunder.com for informative info about the swinging lifetstyle.

Stay tune for another fun glow party at Infusions. We post upcoming parties here on our Events page.