Infusions Swingers Club

What does it take to create a great swingers party?

The venue, music, and facilities are all important – but what really makes it a great night is the crowd.

The crowd can make it or break an event.  That’s what we have found after running swingers parties for over 10 years in Perth.

If you bring together a group of people that just don’t click or fit, it can be awkward and people don’t get what they want out of the evening.

For our events we aim to get an age group from 25 – 55.   It’s important to us that we attract classy, well presented people that dress well, look sexy, and have good personal hygiene. Diversity is encouraged, and we don’t discriminate on body type or size.  We want people that are happy, and coming to enjoy a good night out.  However we do want people that understand the swinging scene, have good enough English to give and understand proper consent and follow the club rules, can be social, and will fit in well with other guests.

There are several ways we control crowd quality:

  1. We screen all new guests by asking them to provide clear photos.   Most people appreciate when we ask, why we are making the request.  It really does help up make up a great group for each event.  We only use the photos for screening purposes, and to be honest we accept most people.   It just helps us screen out people that we don’t think will fit in or be suitable.  We always keep these confidential and never share or post photos to our social media.
  2. We do enforce a dress code standard.   For men we expect dress pants, shoes, and a collared shirt.  No shorts, thongs, or ratty t-shirts are permitted and you will be turned away at the door.  Women generally dress well, and attire is business casual, night-club wear, or sexy.  Some women choose to dress down to lingerie as the night progresses but this is up to you.  For theme nights attire standards may be waived as long as your attire fits the theme.
  3. We keep a database of people that have attended our events and haven’t fit in.  We don’t give them future invites This could mean that they displayed undesirable behaviour at the club, or just that they were not able to socialize and add to the party.
  4. We have gathered a great database of people over our 10 plus years of running events.   Many of these are regulars and visit the club either weekly, or a few times a month.
  5. We strive to keep numbers balanced.   Our guests are mostly couples, and we keep single men places at each party limited. We do run some events just for couples and single ladies.
  6. We mix up event themes so that people can join events that interest them most.  We are always trying out new themes and would love suggestions if you have them.  The themes that work best are simple and get people engaging with each other.

We also aim to provide a safe environment for all guests.  All play is consensual and we want to provide an environment free of pressure.  We want guests to enjoy the party in any way that they choose.

We do have staff members supervising each event but we can’t be everywhere at all times. If you see guests who are not following the rules we appreciate if you can let our staff members know.   Luckily, we do get regulars and most people are passionate about protecting other guests.  If they see someone being a nuisance or not following the rules they will generally step in to help.

We hope to see you at one of our future events.   Check out the event page or text us at 0423 894 457 for more information on tickets.



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